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Coats for Kids Keeping Newcomers Warm

For the third year in a row, the Knights of Columbus have generously donated over 40 coats to keep newcomer children in our community warm this winter. Immigrant and newcomer Ukrainian families came to VDICSS last Saturday, October 15th to receive coats from the Coats for Kids program.

When people arrive in Canada, they may not have everything they need to stay comfortable during our cold winters. “Some of the newcomers we work with came to Canada with just one suitcase, never mind being able to bring an extra season’s worth of clothes with them,” said Anetha Kashuba, our Community Connections Coordinator. Now, as temperatures are beginning to fall, it’s as important as ever that we extend a helping hand to our neighbours. The community did just that by coming together to ensure that the newcomer children in Vernon will stay warm as they go to school, play outside, and do what kids do throughout the winter months.

We have welcomed over 150 Ukrainians since the war broke out earlier this year, along with a steady stream of families from around the globe who are participating in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) program. This influx of newcomer families to our community means ensuring that children have all the essentials they may need, like warm winter wear, to make for a positive transition into their new community. We would like to thank the Saint Teresa Council Knights of Columbus again for their continuing support for newcomer children to the North Okanagan.

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