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Make a Donation

Donations will be used to help guide and support individuals and families as they make adjustments to life in Canada. While each individual or family is different, and it may be hard to determine where they need the most assistance, we have developed two donation programs which you can read about below.

Option 1: Care Fund

If you donate to our Care Fund, your money will go to things like when the Smyth* family needs assistance with daycare costs, so Mom can return to work. It’ll go to the landlord after Emily’s mother misses work to stay home with her all week. It’ll go towards the purchase of bike, so Ralph can get to and from work. Or it’ll go towards a post-secondary scholarship for Maria so she can study Business Administration.   

*Not real family names.

Option 2: Community Connections Fund

If you donate to our Community Connections Fund, your money will go to things like purchasing craft supplies for youth programs or equipment rental for family events so that newcomers are able to participate in activities that will help them adjust socially into their new community.  It’ll go to buying books and small toys for children who are meeting Santa for the first time.  It’ll go to buying coffee, tea and snacks for Conversation Circles to connect newcomers with Canadians and volunteers.  It will go to celebrating days of significance such as: International Women’s Day (March), World Refugee Day (June), International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (March).

Other Ways to Donate

We are also set up to receive cash, cheque or e-transfer.


You may send us an e-transfer at


You may mail us a cheque at the following address (please don't send cash in the mail): 

#100, 3003 30 Street

Vernon, BC V1T 9J5

If you wish to donate in cash, you may visit us in person at the aforementioned address.

Please note:

At the time of donation, please specify which option you have chosen to support. If you don't have a preference, your donation will go into the fund where the most need currently exists.


All money donated to VDICSS will go to funds earmarked specifically for gaps in serving the basic and settlement needs of newly arrived immigrants, newcomers, and refugees OR will go to community connections activities, whichever you prefer.  All monies will be carefully monitored and used only when no mainstream alternatives are available.

Thank You!

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