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Multicultural Hockey Night

Sports can be a powerful force in building community and bringing people together. What better sport to do that than the quintessential Canadian pastime of hockey? It’s a game that is steeped in tradition and has a deep cultural significance for many Canadians. On Friday night, newcomers from all over the world joined local fans to cheer on the Vernon Vipers, thanks to tickets generously donated by On Side Restoration.

The Vipers played an incredible game against the Salmon Arm Silverbacks, with crisp passes and solid goaltending. The excitement in the arena was palpable as the crowd cheered at each goal. People from different cultures and backgrounds came together to support the local team, forming a community united by hockey. The Vipers won the game 5-2, much to the delight of the crowd.

Just under $1500 was raised in a 50/50 raffle to go toward programming at VDICSS. We would like to thank the Vernon Vipers for coming together with us in celebrating the diversity of our community, and a special thank-you to On Side Restoration for generously providing free tickets to newcomers.

Multicultural Hockey Night brought our community together in a meaningful way, and demonstrated the important role that events like this can play in promoting inclusivity and diversity. Overall, it was a celebration of our community and its values, and it’s an event that we hope to see repeated in the future.

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