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Embrace the Nations

The Embrace the Nations events provide a unique opportunity for the Vernon community to engage and learn about cultures from around the world, offering attendees a taste of their traditions and culture.



Our first event in the series offered a taste of Indian culture by celebrating Diwali, the largest festival in India. Everything from the interactive activities, including henna and rangoli, to the dancing, singing, and the delicious food, was planned largely by the VDICSS Indian community.

Lunar New Year

Lunar New Year, which is celebrated by many East Asian countries, was planned and organized by people in the VDICSS community from China, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and The Philippines. Each country had its own table to share their traditions, complete with interactive activities.

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End of Winter Celebration

The end of winter is an important celebration in many Slavic cultures. This event highlighted the 13 Slavic countries and shone a light on local Slavic artists with the Slavic Gallery. Guests also had a chance to express their creativity with Pysanka, Ukrainian Easter egg decorating.

Stay tuned!

More Embrace the Nations events coming soon!

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