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Empowering Newcomers through Language

At Vernon Immigrant & Community Services Society, we care about the success of our students. One important aspect of this is keeping track of attendance. Recording student absences allows us to identify potential issues early on and provide support when needed. Our teachers understand the importance of attendance in achieving academic success and prepare their lessons with this in mind. We encourage our students to attend classes regularly and utilize our resources when they need extra support.

Get Organized with Your LINC Student List

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 Total Number of Absences Counting offers a comprehensive system for tracking student absences easily and effectively. With the help of this  detailed report, teachers can access up-to-date information on student attendance and take steps to support their students.

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Aunt Bette's Homemade Pecan Pie
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Rockin’ Rocky Road Ice Cream
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Tom’s Heavenly Apple Strudel
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Joe’s Divine Butter Tarts
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New Student ?

Teachers , now you can directly add new students to your class by clicking the follow button.

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